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Emergency Tree Service & Storm Damage Clean-Up

Fallen and Hazardous Tree Removal

Warming Tree Services, Inc. is ready to help you in the event of an emergency tree care situation. Warming Tree Services, Inc. offers 24-hour emergency tree removal and storm damage clean-up services. Nature is unpredictable, but you can count on your Warming Tree Services arborists to be timely, knowledgeable and reliable.

Emergency Tree Service

Emergency Tree Service Call: 904-724-7245

It is always wise for businesses and homeowners to take preventive measures by tree trimming or removing potentially dangerous trees that can cause damage to your business or home and personal property. Contact Warming Tree Services, Inc.now, before it's too late to help protect your family, employees, customers and your most valuable assets.

During severe weather, most damage is caused by fallen trees and broken limbs.


Catherine H.

"Warming Tree Service was without a doubt one of the most efficient and professional services we have ever used! Gene first came to give us an estimate and both my husband and I were extremely pleased with his expertise in trees and what a nice guy he was! The team showed up when promised and I was in awe at their efficiency and professionalism. They brought 3 trucks and 8 guys. They didn't waste a minute. They worked continuously as a team and no one stood around. They helped each other, encouraged each other. Their foreman, Brian, (not sure of his name, sorry!) was obviously a big part of the reason for their efficiency, expertise and teamwork. They were all nice and pleasant and it was so nice to NOT hear negative comments or cursing while the guys were working. They removed one tree and trimmed several. They cleaned up after themselves and even raked the leaves in my yard. I tried twice to tell them it wasn't necessary as the leaves were there when they arrived, but they said they always leave a place looking better than when they came. And they certainly did! I would highly recommend Warming Tree Services!"

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